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Accelerated Systems Inc. (ASI) has evolved over the last 17 years to become a globally renowned manufacturer of motors, controllers and custom software for e-Bikes, electric vehicles and electric outdoor power equipment.

Accelerated Systems delivers smart, silent, and smooth electric solutions.

Our growth has led us to re-fresh our brand to better identify who we are today and what our capabilities are.

Our new logo reflects our commitment to cleaner and more efficient technology.

Our e-bike controllers alone are projected to save over 800,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the next 10 years (source: Delphi Group, Environmental Strategies).

With our in-house metal fabrication, board layout, and testing capabilities, our team can provide complete solutions for all your electrification needs.

Owners / Senior Management Team includes Bill Jager, CEO, Claudia Demandt, EVP and Jeremy Jager, VP.

Our new ownership brings over 20 years of product electrification experience into Accelerated Systems. We have a very exciting future ahead of us with great growth opportunities in the electric vehicle and drivetrain space.


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Smart, silent, smooth.

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