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Why ASI?

When you buy from ASI, you get a product that delivers smart, silent, and smooth performance. Period.

When you work with ASI, you’ll encounter passionate, intelligent Canadian engineers that do the hard work for you. Our thinking caps are always on as we try to bring you the green out of the Great White North! With leaders that have more than twenty years experience in EV design, we strive to supply the latest and greatest products in the market. Through innovation and intelligent design we offer performance, differentiation, and streamlined integration that take our customer’s products to the next level. In turn they bring electrified, everyday, non-automotive vehicles to people everywhere.

We want to accelerate the EV market and get people excited about getting on their bike (or tractor, ATV, scooter, motorcycle… even their mower!) again. We treat all those we interact with respectfully, and believe that this extends to the earth. Our customer’s products leave tire tracks, but we want to minimize the human carbon footprint that we leave behind.


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Sustainable Waterloo Region’s Regional Sustainability Initiative

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The Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA)

Smart, silent, smooth.

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