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350W Controller

Suited for most electric bicycles, this controller provides a smooth ride as always, and includes BACDoor for amazing customization.

350W Controller Product Sheet (PDF)

350W Controller Product Brochure (PDF)

Buy your evaluation kit now: Accelerated Systems BAC 350 Evaluation Kit

500W Controller

An upgrade in power but not in size, the 500W controller can better handle higher power motors for a more powerful bike.

500W Controller Product Sheet (PDF)

500W Controller Product Brochure (PDF)

Buy your evaluation kit now: Accelerated Systems BAC 500 Evaluation Kit

800W Controller

For high performance bicycles that require more power, the 800W is designed to handle even the highest commercial tier of electric bikes.

800W Controller Product Sheet (PDF)

800W Controller Product Brochure (PDF)

Pre-order your evaluation kit now: Accelerated Systems BAC 800 Evaluation Kit

2000W Controller

Use one or more of these controllers to achieve excellent performance on your scooter, motorcycle, or outdoor power equipment.

2000W Controller Product Sheet (PDF)

Pre-Order your evaluation kit now: Accelerated Systems BAC 2000 Evaluation Kit

4000W Controller

Designed for larger electric vehicles, this controller packs the power needed to move more weight around.

4000W Controller Product Sheet (PDF)
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8000W Controller

Our highest-powered controller, the 8000W can handle the most demanding of electric vehicles.

8000W Controller Product Sheet (PDF)


500W Motor

With peak power of 750W, this motor is designed to maximize high-torque operating time to give you the push that you are looking for.

500W Motor Product Sheet

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