eScooters & eMotorcycles

Whether your eScooter or eMotorcycle is hybrid or full electric, ASI can help power your ride. As with our other products, you get a smoother, quieter ride no matter what.


eScooter/eMotorcycle Products


2000W Controller
High Powered BAC2000 (36-72v, 220A, Brushless) CAN/BT

Use one or more of these controllers to achieve excellent performance. Our BAC2000W controller provides an entry-point into our high power controllers for the tech-savvy outdoors person. Standard applications for this controller include off-road electric bikes and light duty vehicles.

2000W Controller Product Sheet (PDF)

4000W Controller
High Powered BAC4000 (36-72v, 455A, Brushless) CAN/BT

Designed for larger electric vehicles such as scooters and motorcycles, this controller packs the power needed to move more weight around. The 4000w is an excellent fit for both eScooters and eMotorocyles. It gives your ride that “extra something” you’re looking for.

4000W Controller Product Sheet (PDF)

8000W Controller
High Power BAC8000 (36-72v, 840A, Brushless) CAN/BT

Our highest-powered controller, the 8000W can handle the most demanding of electric vehicles. If you’re looking to electrify a Go-Kart, Golf Cart, Motorcycle or a Heavy Utility Vehicle, the 8000W is the controller for you. The extra power behind this controller allows you to move more weight around and meet the demands of your vehicle without inefficient fuels or unattractive carbon emissions.

8000W Controller Product Sheet (PDF)


500W Motor

With peak power of 750W, this motor is designed to maximize high-torque operating time to give you the push that you are looking for.

500W Motor Product Sheet (PDF)

Smart, silent, smooth.

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